About Us

What is a Virtual Airline (VA)?
A virtual airline simulates a real-world airline, flying its own aircraft and routes in the virtual world of Flight Simulator. Members of the virtual airline (virtual pilots) log into the airline and choose flights which they then fly in Flight Simulator using realistic airline procedures. After the flight, virtual pilots report their flights in a pilot report (PIREP) and the hours of the flight are automatically added to their logbook. As flight hours accumulate, members progress through the ranks at the virtual airline.

But why?
Instead of flying alone in Flight Simulator, virtual airlines bring together a community of flightsim pilots and provide them with a fun and educational environment in which to fly. Virtual pilots seek to learn rules and discipline required to fully enjoy the simulation of an airliner flight. A virtual airline provides learning material, operational rules, fleet information and schedules to achieve that.

Air Malta Virtual
Air Malta Virtual was created in December 2018. Its CEO was a member of the original AMVirtual, active in the early 2000’s.

We have common sense rules to keep the learning curve low and have an ACARS program that will take care of all the flight data so that you can enjoy and concentrate on flying. Air Malta Virtual provides complete airline fleet information and real world flight schedules. We like to reach for the "as real as it gets" but most of all we know it's a hobby meant to be fun. Our members are able to choose whatever flight, route or aircraft they like.

Although not required, we encourage our pilots to fly online using VATSIM, IVAO or PilotEdge with real time traffic and traffic control. We actively support Microsoft FS9, FSX/SE, P3D and X-Plane.

Last but not least we invite all our members to join our Facebook Group and our Discord where the heart of our community resides. Here you will meet and get to know your flying colleagues, share experiences, voice opinions, read the latest aviation news, addon reviews, find support and make new friends from all around the world.

Disclaimer Air Malta Virtual is a nonprofit organization, not endorsed or affiliated to Air Malta plc or other business activity of any kind.

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Joining and flying with us is absolutely free. All funding is provided by donations and we strive to keep a neutral position in reviewing, discussing and promoting freeware and payware flight simulators and related addons.