Air Malta Virtual is a meeting place for aviation enthusiasts. Members are expected to be courteous and respectful towards each other at all times.

It is strictly prohibited to publish or disseminate any kind of defamatory, discriminatory, infringing, obscene, vulgar, profane, unlawful or other such types of posts. Anyone found in breach of this rule will be dismissed from the Virtual Airline, with no right of appeal.

Membership in other Virtual Airlines
Air Malta Virtual pilots are allowed to membership into other VAs.

Aircraft Ratings
Every pilot can fly all aircraft, from day one, irrespective of rank or hours.

Pausing simulator is permitted.
If online on a network, please see their rules for pausing.

Time acceleration is not recommended, but permitted.
Please note, however, that members cannot log more than 24 flying hours over one calendar day. If flying online on a network, please see their rules for time acceleration.

Aircraft exchange policy
Pilots are allowed to fly any route using any single-aisle aircraft of their preference. During the flight preparation phase, pilots are to consult with the airline fleet. If the preferred aircraft is not in the fleet database, flight is to be submitted using the Manual PIREP facility.

Charter flights
Non-scheduled flights are allowed, as long as approval from management needs to be obtained beforehand. While processing charter flight requests, Management will be evaluating the following considerations:
a. AMV operates short to medium-range sectors. Aircraft's operational capabilities are not to be exceeded (keep it reasonable); and
b. AMV operates in the Mediterranean Region: Europe, Northern Africa, and Middle East. Under normal circumstances we are not expecting to see AMV Aircraft at, for example, Australia or Hawaii (keep it realistic).